Do you know the different types of olive oil?

by 30 Jun,2023News

Learn to distinguish them and appreciate their differences

They are all oils, but not the same. Each one presents different particularities both in its preparation, in its quality and in the properties that make them totally different.


1 – Extra Virgin olive oil

  • This type of oil is of the highest quality, it is obtained directly from olives in good condition solely by mechanical procedures, with an impeccable taste and smell and free of defects. This is the case of EVOO Molino de Casilda.
  • Acidity less than 0.8%.
  • The median of defects must be equal to 0 and the median of fruitiness greater than 0.


2 – Virgin olive oil

  • Sensory, olfactory and taste defects.
  • Acidity less than 2%.
  • The median of defects must be less than 3.5 and the median of fruitiness must be greater than 0.


3 – Olive oil

  • It comes from the mixture of lampante oil, once refined, with 10% -20% virgin olive oil.
  • Refining is a chemical or thermal process for cleaning aromas, flavors and colors.
  • Acidity, should not be higher than 1%.
  • It is not considered an authentic olive juice since it has been subjected to various processes other than those of the oil mill.


4 – Lamp oil

  • It is an oil with considerable defects at all levels.
  • It needs to go through the refining plant to eliminate all defects, bad tastes and odors.


In short, extra virgin olive oil like Molino de Casilda is the only oil that is an authentic olive juice obtained naturally and only through mechanical procedures. The only one that offers the highest quality standards with total absence of defects, its flavor and aroma being impeccable. The only one that keeps intact its qualities as a source of health.